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UNESCO Collection
The UNESCO Collection provides access to more than 572 freely downloadable electronic UNESCO content in the form of books, articles, conference proceedings, reports and other documents published by UNESCO
Land Conferences 1991 and 2018
The collection contains the individual submissions to the 1991 Land Conference and papers of the Second Land Conference in October 2018
Namibian Soils Collection
Sources of published and grey sources of information on the soils of Namibia, collected by Marina Coetzee
COVID-19 in Namibia
The NUST COVID-19 Archive is a digital collection of COVID-19 news in Namibia including documents, flyers, pictures, videos and audio recordings. The archive aims to provide a useful resource to researchers in the future
P3ICL Project Collection
Revitalization of indigenous languages project 2018-2021 for protecting, preserving and promoting Namibian indigenous languages - !Kung, Dhimba,  and Sifwe (Chifwe)
Peter Strack Collection
Peter Stack was a well known architect from Namibia. The collection contains photos of historical buildings in Namibia
Digital Namibian Archive
A co-opertive project between the Utah Valley University, the National Archives of Namibia and the Polytechnic of Namibia